Serving a range of sectors

Verve Facilities works with facilities management clients across a wide range of sectors and settings. Our versatile teams adapt specialist skills to specific requirements, whatever the location.

Our sectors


We are the staffing partner for several universities across the UK. As a staffing partner with the University of Chester, we supply upwards of 60 staff per day across a variety of roles including Cleaners, Stock Room Attendants, Domestic Service Assistants and many more.

During the summer we can supply over 100+ staff per day to help support numerous events that universities host, as well as deep cleaning the student accommodation prior to the new academic year.


We are currently in partnership with several stadiums across the UK, supplying a clean-down service after events.

Our cleaning division is responsible for expert clean downs to enable a stadium to be ready to host the next event quickly. The staff are chosen are expertly trained and have the skillset that precisely matches the needs of each client.

Arenas & conference centres

We often provide 24/7 cover during the Christmas season as well as conferences to make sure that the venues benefit from the appropriate level of high-standard clean down and setup services.

Purpose-built student accommodation

The PBSA sector is a thriving business in the UK. Verve Facilities cleaning staff are specifically trained to operate within the sector and tackle the industry-specific challenges which include, high-volume turnarounds within a short period as well as summer deep cleans.

Live events

We have the expertise to provide staff for any event at any location. Verve Facilities has supplied all levels of staffing for Festivals & Events including litter picking, toilet attendants, cleaners, stewards and car park attendants, with up to 250+ staff at any event.


Verve Facilities has proudly supplied warehouse staff across the UK for many years and built strong business relationships with many warehouse clients. Our specialist warehouse division is evidence of our continuing commitment to supporting this sector.