High-quality remote recruitment

Verve Facilities’ bespoke recruitment software is specifically designed with the needs of both clients and candidates in mind. The software enables rigorous pre-vetting of candidates, detailed capture of their previous experience and thoroughly checked references. This information enables us to react rapidly with detailed shortlists in response to client requests for candidates for any project. We regularly update our software to reflect new legislation and client requirements. The software developed in-house by our own experts enables us to recruit candidates and meet client needs nationwide.

Our step by step process

Our training programme

Verve Facilities uses traditional hands-on classroom training in our dedicated training centres and deploys the latest technology. Our training programme delivers a continuously evolving learning and development solution tailored to each client’s needs.

Company Induction

This module is designed for our staff to understand the importance of following company procedures such as confirming shift details the day before, arriving 30 minutes early and communicating efficiently any absence to allow us to guarantee that a shift is always covered. We also provide our staff with a handbook with all the instructions regarding our rules and procedures to ensure they are fully aware of them before starting employment.

Customer Care

A module was developed to stress the importance of customer care and how our staff must adapt themselves to different environments. We emphasise the meaning of customer service to an organisation, the prominence of the customer at the centre of everything we do and the benefits of customer service, particularly when we exceed expectations.

Health & Safety

We want our staff to work safely to protect themselves and our client’s customers. We have dedicated training sessions to cover risks, how to avoid them and how to guarantee the health and safety of everyone present at every venue.

Uniform Standards & Timekeeping

A small but essential part of our basic training. Our staff represent Verve Facilities and our clients, we ensure they are always punctual, have the right uniform and have the right attitude and confidence showing good body language and communicating effectively.


In response to COVID, Verve Facilities introduced new services and training to ensure all staff are fully COVID compliant.

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