About us

Verve Facilities provides highly trained staff to facility management companies across the UK.

Our success is built on solid foundations. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships, strengthened by our unrivalled knowledge of the sector. Clients also benefit from our rigorous quality and safeguarding standards. This is evidenced by our superb consultant training and our ongoing commitment to help staff and candidates to develop their professional skills. At the heart of our approach is a genuine desire to deliver an unparalleled service.

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How can we help

The range of roles we can support is as varied as the everyday challenges facing facilities managers such as deep cleaning, touchpoint cleaning and general housekeeping duties.

We can also support you with any warehousing and logistics staff including stock takers, pickers, packers, production staff, FLT Drivers and admin staff.

Our sectors

We operate in a variety of sectors and locations around the UK, including Universities, Schools, Stadiums, Arenas, Conference Centres, and Student Accommodation sites. No matter the location, Verve Facilities staff undergo high-level training and preparation for their specific role.

Advanced recruitment software

We use our own internally developed software to onboard, recruit and identify candidates who are most appropriate for any particular task. Our software includes the ability to check references and to match both experience and individual skill sets to a role.

Dedicated consultant

Regardless of the size of the business, each client has a Verve Facilities consultant dedicated to their accounts.

Consultants are selected for their experience in the client’s sector and are responsible for providing round-the-clock support.

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